LTL(less than truckload) load refers to the transportation of goods or products that do not require a full truckload. In this many small freight results separate shipments being transported on one truck. Weight of less than truckload is around 150 pounds to 10,000 pounds. These carriers specialize in optimizing there loads to transport long distance for more shippers in an effective and efficient manner. Shippers use to like LTL loads because they are cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness and flexible. However less than truck transportation can be complex than you think.

Working of LTL freight

In LTL freight shipment many shipments combines partial loads to create a full multi-stop truckloads. Which is very efficient. Here shipping costs are mainly based on space used by products.
LTL has their own shipping standards, fast speed, and guaranties. In LTL special services can also be added according to the clients needs. These are the services included. Lift gate pickup and delivery, inside pickup and delivery, residential pickup and delivery, also reweighing and reclassification. Companies charges extra amount for these serveries, charges depends of service to services and company to company. These extra charges is also known as accessorial fees.

Advantages of LTL load

Cost Saving

To fill an entire truckload several smaller shipments are combined together in LTL freight. The shipment uses only a part of the truck’s available space. The client only have to pay the price of space used to up for your material that has to be transported.
less than truck load is less expensive than the full truck load. It will cost a fraction of what a normal full truckload shipment may cost.

Perfect for ecommerce

In this era where e-commerce is in trend. Business have to make sure that their shipping is reaching to the customer on time and according to their needs. Less than truck load improves cost efficiency. And also increases the speed of delivery. It by passes the need of each shipment to fill one full truck load. It ensures that your inventory or freight landed or ends up where it exactly is suppose to be.

Friendly for Small businesses

LTL load generally benefits small companies. Most of the small companies usually spend less money on freight and they ship less amount of goods. Small shipping get benefits from professional shipping services provided by LTL load. And small companies don’t have to pay high prices to them.

Environmentally friendly

The shipping process of LTL loads results in fewer trucks carrying full loads. Which is better than carrying less products than their capacity. This also help in less usage of fuel. This also leads to decrease in number of trucks and reduces companies carbon footage.

Challenges faced by LTL load

  • LTL take a lot of time to deliver the goods. Because each truck contain shipment of multiple companies. So, it is better to budge more time for your delivery.
  • The carrier capacity of less than truck load is less than full truck load.
  • LTL requires more focus details. Like Freight class, weight, pickup and destination locations, deadline, etc. .
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