LCL sea shipment is one of the sea freight. Which is use for shipping containers from one place to another. If a freight forwarder wants, they can make a consolidation by putting many LCL freight together. They can do this because the size and quantity of LCL freight are small. And by putting them together in a container freight station. 

It is very easy to save a place in less than a container load during festivals. Less than a container load is much cheaper than a full container load. It is the best alternative to a full container load if you are shipping a small amount of freight. Low volumes are very easy to transport. When you don’t have to do any urgent sea freight then. Then using less than container shipping is the best alternative for you.


Advantages for LCL sea shipment

  • Buyers only have to pay for the space their freight has occupied. They do not need to pay for the whole ship. Because the shipment is done in sharing. Small companies use this advantage of less than container load. Because it is a cheap alternative for their less quantity of goods. 
  • Less container load is less expensive than air freight. Air freight is charged by the gross weight or the volume weight of the freight. LCL (less than container load) charges price fees per cubic meter or per 1,000 kg. It is a more economical option because it is very heavy. And can not easily be carried by air freight because of cost.

Disadvantage of LCL sea shipment

  • The cost of less than container load is measured as per CBM. Which is higher in comparison to a full container load. This is the reason why people only buy only a part of LCL rather than paying for the whole.
  • LCL consolidators are putting together the goods that are of the same category. But still, there is a high risk of damaging the products. 
  • Due to the handling involved in the deconsolidation process. There are high chances of shipment misplacing or mixing with other shipments. Which is not very convenient for the receivers of the goods. Unlike full container load which is sealed, packed from the factory, and shipped at once. LCL is unloaded from the containers in Container Freight Station warehouses. And because of this reason, there is a delay in less than container shipping.
  • Less than a container and other shipments take more time than air freight. So if your goods are time-sensitive then you should go for air freight. 

Use of LCL agreement

The advantages of less than container load are overwhelming. That’s why people go for LCL sea shipment. Factors that tell you, when to go for less than container load.

  • Total weight of goods
  • Category of goods
  • Time of delivery
  • Route
  • Product volume

The volume of good is calculated by the space it acquires. To calculate the volume of a container. We need to multiply the length, width, and height of the container. If the volume of your good is between 1 to 18 CBM, then you can consider using LCL sea shipment.

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