Inbound Logistics And Outbound Logistics. : Logistics an overall process of where they manage the process of resources acquisition and its storage. And then transported to their final decided destination. “Logistics” was a military-based term. It used where the process of military personnel obtained, stored, and moved equipment and supplies. Logistics is managing the movement of materials, information and other resources from one place to another. It is an important part of a freight company.

Activity of inbound activity includes both inbound logistics and outbound logistics

Inbound Logistics

Inbound logistics refers to the  expediting, sourcing and receiving of goods. It is referred to as the process of transportation, receiving and storage of goods by a business. In other words inbound logistics is the fundamental activity. Which mainly focuses on scheduling and buying the inflow of materials, tools and final goods, from suppliers to the production unit and warehouse or retail store.

Outbound Logistics

The main focus of outbound logistics is more on the demand side of demand and supply equations. Process of outbound logistics involves storing and moving goods to the customer.

Steps involved in outbound logistics are.- order fulfilment, packing, shipping, delivery and customer service. Individual areas of outbound logistics

Warehousing and storage

A company should have warehouses so that they can store their extra goods. The main purpose of warehousing is to keep products safe and readily available for selling. 

Inventory management

The process of inventory management involves picking, packing, and storing the goods in the right place. 


After all the above process is done. The Shipping process will take place. Shipping can be done by Three ways i.e. sea, land and air freight. Choosing the best freight company and service is very important for transportation. A good freight company gives extra facilities and has good insurance policies. For a better freight experience choose Gevora Freights, we provide a quality service in all three feight. Transporting heavy luggage on a very long journey can be challenging.

Last mile delivery

This is a most important step in outbound logistics. And also an expensive step. Here goods go from the distribution centre to the customer’s door. This task is basically handled by a large fleet of companies dealing in smaller trucks or vans.

Differences Between Inbound Logistics and Outbound Logistics

  • Process of inbound logistics includes buying, storage and distribution of goods. On the other hand, outbound logistics includes

    transmission, selection, packaging and  transportation of final goods.

  • Inbound logistics is about receiving and sourcing goods and materials. And also its management. On the other hand, outbound logistics works on customer service and distribution channels.
  • The inbound logistics only moves around utilisation of resources and raw materials. Within the plant. Where outbound logistics is all about the outflow of finished goods or products to the end users.
  • Interaction between supplier and company takes place in inbound logistics. On the other side in outbound logistics interaction between company or organisation and the consumer take place. Inbound logistics and Outbound logistics have their own importance.  

Both  inbound logistics and outbound logistics are important for a company and also for the consumers.

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