Green logistics refers to sustainable measures and policies. Therefore these policies main aim is to reducing the environmental impact caused by logistic activities. It includes all the activities. Like reverse flows of products, forwarding, information and services. Environmental sustainability is always kept aside. While doing logistic planning in a traditional way. This type of logistics is mainly use for finding a balance between ecology and economy.     

Objective of Green logistics

  • To measure the carbon footprint of logistics operation- To maintain sustainability. The organization should measure and plan their every step. To calculate and measure their energy consumptions and greenhouse gas emissions. Many organizations use a widespread methodologies i.e. UNE-EN 16258:2013 international standard.  
  • Organisations analyze each and every step of logistics. Especially if they are dealing with transportation. Transportation causes many types of air pollution. Like air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution.  
  • It is better if you use supplies rationally. It can be done by reusing the same containers that you have used for other goods. And recycle the packaging so that it will not get wasted and to maintain sustainability. 
  • Green logistics is also done by design of the product and its packaging. Recycled papers can use for packaging. The design of the should done in a way that causes no or minimum environmental impact. 

Challenges of green logistics 

Many companies face a lot of problems and barriers. While implementing eco logistics. This is because of many causes like

  • Transport is dependent on fossil fuels. All transportation modes move on fuels. Whether it is an airplane, ship, truck or railways. Neither of them can move or do anything without fuel. But using a lot of fuel can cause a lot of air pollution. Which directly harms the environment.  
  • Lack of infrastructure- Implementation of emission limits is going to be onboard. But to build new facilities cross-sectoral agreement is needed. This needs the involvement of logistic processes and activities. 
  • Many customers want their goods or products as fast as possible. But this is against green logistic policies. Like 24 hour delivery. 

Why to use green logistics

  • If you want strategic advantage over your competitors then you need to use green logistics. It prepares your business for the future. And also evaluates the business and sets it apart.
  • Companies use eco-friendly logistics because of its advantages. Like it promotes social harmony and shows that they care about their and their health. It also reduces pollution, traffic congestion and also saves transportation costs. 
  • Eco logistics help you to save a lot of energy. 
  • It ensures that your company is prepared. For any future environmental regulation.

What are green or eco logistic targets

There are three targets of Eco Friendly logistics. That is profit, people and planet this is also called 3 Ps. Logistics can provide the best services by maintaining balance between them. There is a three dimensions approach that is followed by eco-friendly logistics. This includes Economic, environment and social. But this doesn’t mean that this will increase your efforts. However if an organization focused on these three dimensions. And reduces environmental impact then they can get overall value of money.