In FCL shipping all the goods are transported in a tight sealed containers. FCL cargo loads are large enough to carry around 20’ or 40’ shipping container. FCL shipping is much better than LCL shipping. Because it is more secure and have very less chances of theft and damage.

Advantages of FCL shipping

  • There is no requirement to load and unload goods and containers together in fcl shipping. This helps in saving a lot of time during transportation of goods.
  • In full container load are sealed in factories before transportation. Because of this results in less handling. And also create less damage to goods.
  • Prices of full container load is not that expansive. In comparison to less than Container Load. Because LCL is handled by many people and we need to pay all of them.
  • Choosing full container is a better option than air freight. Because air freight is fastest mode of shipping. But you can save big if you go for FCL.

Cost of FCL shipping

Usually when you ship FCL. You only need to pay a flat fee for the entire container, regardless of how much is in it. But if the size of the shipment increases i.e. around 13 CBM. Then the charges of the fee will depend accordingly. Even if the price depends on the size, it still worth paying. Because the cost of the same is much higher in less than container load.

Factor effecting FCL pricing

  • Pricing of FCL shipping can spike during peak season. And can wary from normal days pricings. Peak season for full container load is between August-November.
  • Different countries have different holidays. And due to this demand and pricing of that country will wary from other country. Shipping to those country can also effect the pricing of your goods and FCL.

Disadvantages of Full Container Shipping’s

  • Full container shipping itself includes shipping large quantities from one place to its destined places. Shipping large amount of quantities also leads to paying and finding more inventory space.
  • If you are shipping small size loads around i.e. 13 CBM or less. It may cost you more in full container shipping. But if you are transporting large amount of goods. Then full container shipping’s are the best option for your cargoes.
  • If you are shipping with full container shipping. Then the shipping process can get complicated. This will happen because here you have to deal with large amount of shipments. Within a small period of time.

Before you start shipping your goods to its destined place. You need to first confirm the you are full filling are the requirements that are needed. Then you have to find a way to for your shipment to be palletized and labelled. It’s better if the labelling of the product is done in the factory. Some shippers use to prefer to maximize container space by floor-loading their goods. In many places when you deliver the goods you need to make appointments. A Custom Bonds is needed to ship cargo in country like U.S.A.

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