Shipping forwarder  means  shipment of goods from one place to another through single or many carriers like air, marine, rail or highway.

In 1948, Canada was the first one to recognize the importance of freight forwarding for global trades. Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) was also established at that time. CIFFA(Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association). Was the one to recognize the importance and advantages of a shipping forwarder. Whether it is by land, water, rail or air. They recognize each and every type of freight is important. Ship forwarding requires coordination, regulation and best practices. This will ensure that the goods are transporting  on  time and in a proficient manner across the borders, overseas, and to every part of the world.

Principles of Shipping Forwarding

The main and basic fundamental of shipping forwarder is on the bases of efficient and cost-effective transfer of commodities. They must ensure that the goods will transfer in a good condition. To do such quality freight forwarders must become specialists in the management of the logistics. Which requires to ensure that the items should arrive on scheduled time. Top freight companies use the most up-to-date equipment available. To ensure the quality delivery of goods.
Freight forwarders manage both risk and benefits of shipping nationally and internationally. They do this by utilizing the most recent advances in information technology. To manage the risks and benefits of shipping both nationally and internationally.

Types of Forwarding

There are three types of shipping forwardings

  • Air freight
  • Land freight
  • Sea freight

Air freight

Air freight transportation is the fastest way of shipping. These cargo moves as fast as possible. This is the best route to use to emergency delivery or for fast delivery.

Airfreight services make use of cargo planes. Which are perfect for transportation of products weighing around or more than 100 pounds. This transportation may be expensive but it is the safest and most efficient method. For transporting your goods and product for both national and international shipment.

Land freight

The shipment method used by ground shipping forwarder is known as Land freight shipping. Land freight is also known as door to door shipping or delivery

It is basically used for local deliveries of goods. All types of trucks are used for loading and unloading of  freight, whether it is within the same state or beyond state lines.

A standard-size truck has the capacity to transport around or more 26 pallets.

Land freight is a cost effective choice. It is cheaper than any other type of freight transportation. Although there is a problem of traffic, road dangers, and infrastructural issues.

Sea freight

Sea shipping forwarder use seas and oceans for transportation of goods from one port to another destination. These companies largely  make use of ferries and ships to move cargo across oceans for International shipping. They basically transport  huge containers. This method is the most traditional and oldest method available. For both domestic and international transportation.

The disadvantage is that it is more time consuming other than any other freight shipping method.

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