Air freight cost mainly depends upon cargo weight and size. A lot of people are attracted towards air cargo services because of its speed. Air freight allows goods to transport through the means of air. This is the fastest way of shipping freight from one destination to another. 

Most exporters and importers use air freight. When they have to  transport their goods quickly. Like if we are transporting goods from China to the USA. Then using sea freight will take around 20-30 days. However if they transport through air freight, then it will take around three days. 

What is Air freight costs

Air freight cost of international air freight and express freight is different.

International air freight

International air freight is very large. And move with multiple carriers while shipping. Antonov 225, which is the world’s largest cargo plane, can carry an entire train. The international air freight cost can vary, because of seasons. It can rate from around $2.50-$5.00 per kilogram. This also depended upon the size of the cargo and availability of space. Since february 2020 the prices have increased, because of an increase in demand. And severe disruptions in ocean freight.

express freight

One company manages an entire shipment process in Express air freight. Companies that handle this also provide services like door-to-door delivery. These companies are FedEx, DHL, UPS etc.. Express air freight shipment is smaller than international air freight. They weigh less than 200 kilograms and their size is less than one cubic metre. 

The current air freight cost is around $4.00. If you want to calculate your cost then you can use an air freight calculator.

Air freight cost totally depends upon the weight and size of goods. They charge by measuring either by calculating actual weight or by dimensional weight/volumetric weight. If you want to calculate the volumetric weight of your goods. Then you can multiply the volume (in cubic metres) by 167. 

For example, the weight, height and volume of the item is 50,50,50. Then its volume will be 50X50X50 divided by one million i.e. 0.125. After calculating this, multiply this number with 167. Your volumetric weight will be 20.875 kilograms. If the volumetric weight of your product is more than its actual weight. Then you have to pay according to the volumetric weight. Normally organisations go for sea freight, if they have to transport a huge amount of freight from one place to its destination. They only use air freight services, when the goods need to be transported faster.


Advantages of Air freight


Air freight is a lot faster than sea freight.The speed of an aeroplane is around 575 mph. On the other hand ships move at the speed of 16-18 mph. So, for fast delivery air freight is a better choice.  


Shipping through air freight is very reliable and safe. Because they are packed at once and are likely to arrive on time. 

Less damage

Goods are most likely to get damage when transported through sea shipping. So air freight makes a better option, and can also be considered for fragile products.