Full truckload shipping or FTL. Is a mode of shipping where one truck is responsible for a single shipment from one place to another. In this type of shipment the truck travels from point X to point Y. Making transportation many times faster. This makes full truckload rates go up.

Advantages of shipping Full Truckload Shipping

  • Very efficient transportation mode for large shipments.
  • Full Truckload is a cost effective mode of shipment for a certain size of carriage.
  • No size and weight restrictions.
    Faster mode of shipment than less-than-truckload shipments.
  • This stays with one truck driver. So, it is not likely to be lost or damaged.
  • Full truck load is less riskier than less truck load. Because there are many shippers and they hardly stop in midways.

For better experience in Full Truckload shipping you should know about some-specific tips

Save up your cargo

It means that you are renting a truck along with the shippers or handlers. This means that you’ll get better full truckload rates than shipping small amounts of freight in a truck of its own. However if you are shipping 3-4 or more pallets every 2-3 days. Then it’s better to use full truckload shipping. Because it is less time consuming and faster than less truckload.

On time

To avoid any potential delays quoting on time is an important factor. However there are additional reasons when it comes to full truckload shipping. Like, Prices may fluctuate too havely. Because carriers may not know about the pricing, as they can not predict their availability.
If you are late in quoting. Then the Prices may be too steep because the carrier may be overbooked. Therefore, It is best to quote 4-7 days ahead of actual pickup. Because this is a time frame when you’ll be able to get the best possible pricing.

Expect delays

If you have used full load before or you work in this field. You may be aware that it is a usual thing to have delays especially when it comes to LTL shipping. In comparison to this full truck load has cut this problem into half. Full truck load is handled by many people. And they stop on way too many stops than less truck load. It is very important to always ship a little bit earlier than the time assigned if the shipment is time-critical.

Take white-glove shipping into consideration

White-glove shipping consists of many great things. Like cleanups to setting up furniture or equipment. However, services like these are pretty expensive. Because they usually mean that you’re renting a whole truck. Without thinking about the amount of cargo you’re shipping. If your shipment requires special handling, time-critical, fragile, etc.. Then take this service of full truckload shipping into consideration.

These were some tips that you should consider before choosing truck shipment. Choosing the best shipment is good and less time consuming.

Challenges face by Full TruckLoad Shippings

  • One of the greatest challenges for full truckload is that the capacity is tighter than it has ever been.
  • Companies of trucking are getting booked all-year due to the recent influx of e-commerce purchases and growing consumer demands.
  • FTL shipments are dependent on the market. Which is unlike LTL which are regulated by the NMFTA. Most of the small to mid-sized businesses are not booking large volumes of freight, all shipments will most likely be booked on spot rates.
  • If the time exceeds, many carriers start charging more money. This time limit includes 2 hours for loading and 2 hours for unloading, which makes for a total of 4 hours. Any time exceeds these limits is charged at incredibly high rates.
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