Air freight is also known as air cargo. This service is more valuable when it comes to moving express shipments around the world.

There are two types of air freight- general and special cargo.

Benefits of Air freight

  • Air cargo is the fastest shipping method. It is the best method of shipping goods within the shortest possible time.
  • Best source of freight for global delivery.
  • In air freight we have to pay less insurance premium in air freight than land and sea freight.Because here goods are transferred for a short period of time .
  • There is a higher level of security in air freight cargo than any other cargo mode .
  • Many air freight companies provide trackable cargo status. These companies give the opportunity to the customer. To track the product with the help of the app they made 


Air freight cost includes sending parcels, packages and cargoes. There are a lot of factors that affect the air freight cost. If you are an air freight company you need to be familiar with the elements that affect the cost of air freight. 


 Common elements that affect air freight costs:

  • Speed

Many  freight forwarding companies highlight speed as their selling end or as an advantage point. They do this because time can create a great difference between cost and profit. But you should also consider the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of service of the company. Speed is useless if the goods are not delivered properly or they get damaged while getting delivered.

  •  Demand

 Demand has one of the biggest influences on prices of goods and services. Demand for air freight is high in the peak-season. Peak-season includes  Valentines Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and other celebrations. During these festivals air freight costs are higher than usual, because this gives companies a chance to increase their prices. 

  • Skills People Required to Move Cargo

Additional charges are  levied. A company needs more and special skill people to handle cargo  while transportation. The more people are required for  handling and documentation the more will be the cost you have to pay.  If the cargo is too costly and delicate, then the shipment can help you to prevent unwanted delays and damages. 

  • Competition 

Competition is opposite of demand. when there’s an oversupply of air freight companies in a specific area. This can work as an advantage for the customer because other companies will be willing to lower their prices for the sales of their service.

Getting into partnership with a good air freight company can become an advantage for your company. 

  • Shipping Container

There can be an air freight cost difference between different types of cargos. Fragile cargoes require special handling and special containers. This is done to ensure the safety delivery of the goods to their destination.

This service is made to meet all the special needs of the customer. This includes extra charges accordingly. 


There are two forms of tax that are implemented on air freight in america.

  • Waybill Duty
  • Gasoline Duty


Most of the time tax duties like these increase the air freight cost. Which makes the shipping services costly.


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