Gevora Freight


At Gevora Freight, we foster an excellent culture, but without our employees. It would mean absolutely nothing. Our employees are passionate, committed, and understanding. Also, live supply chain excellence. In return, we recognize their efforts and empower them. So to be supply chain masters. And that’s why it is the best logistic company in Singapore.

We have a very diverse team of individuals. So they bring their passion to their day-to-day work delivery. And the utmost to make our customers happy. Are called the best logistic company in Singapore. So their supply chains run smoothly and efficiently. Our people there are over a thousand of us around the nation. As are highly committed and talented individuals. So supply chain professionals, business leaders, and experts in their fields. It should be logistics, sales, finance, procurement, human resources, or IT. 

Land Freight

Nowadays, a trend transmutations in Logistics by facing a conundrum. And is “ Conveyance. Which Gevora Freight gives you the solutions in conveying Local Kineticism. And by Minute Trucks to 20’ / 40’ Trailers and additionally Trucks for ODC Cargoes.

Air Freight

Air Freight Accommodations gives you the feel of Expeditiousness especially ecumenical. And one Challenging kineticism in logistics is Air forwarding. This shows your aptitudes mid of a competitive industry. So how expeditious you can arrange to move Cargo.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight Accommodations gives you the feel of an expeditious forwarder. And one of the most sizably voluminous cargo kineticism. So in logistics is Sea forwarding by ship.  And is called the best logistic company in Singapore and has sustainable supply chain solutions.

gevora freight


Gevora Freight is the best logistic company in Singapore.  An on-the-go online marketplace of on-demand movers, movers & packers. Also like roadside assistance providers to get a smoother, faster, & no-stress booking experience.

Simplify your life and get connected to the world’s largest marketplace i.e Shift Freight. And avail a wide range of exclusive services on demand. Whether it’s about moving your home or hiring experts. Also for on-demand roadside assistance during an emergency.

It is a prerequisite to get it done by trained, licensed, and reputed professionals. Shift Freight makes it possible to reach out to reliable movers & packers. So that’s why it is called the as best logistic company in Singapore.


Our packers and movers are exceptionally trained to apply smart techniques. And methods to make every move fast, safe, & effortless for all. We use portable equipment for packing, lifting, and loading packages. For ensuring multi-layer safety of bulky and fragile movables. Such as furniture, appliances, glassware, etc. So it is the reason for being the best logistic company in Singapore.